Argentina coach comment on the cruel loss to Croatia

Argentine coach Jorge Sampaoli has spoken of the reasons for the defeat of Croatia in the second Tango in the 2018 World Cup.

"I am responsible for the decisions and there is no need to blame Kappairu. Hope is still there. I have pains of defeat. I may have failed to read the game as it should have been," Sampaoli told the press conference after the meeting.

"The players now feel sad, we wanted to lead the group, we play good games, now things have changed and we lost, we have a distinguished list of players but we have to learn and get back to the next game with all the strength to achieve the goal."

"At first we found great difficulties, we tried to change the rhythm by changing some of the duties for the players but after receiving the first goal we could not find a way to get out of this impasse. "He said.

"We thought that playing with three defenders would give the wings a chance to attack and put pressure in. In the second half after changing the way we looked for opportunities and registration, but they scored on us while we were not expecting it. "We had to analyze the game and find the errors and deal with them quickly." We could not play in the second half as we did with Iceland, we have to do this in the final match against Nigeria.
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