Draxler supports Ozil in his ordeal

Draxler sends a special message to Massoud Ozil

Julien Draxler, France's French St Germain champion, Massoud Ozil, after the latter announced his suspension of international shoes and the failure to represent the Manchavt again.

The international star Massoud Ozil, the Arsenal and Germany's national team maker, said in a statement on Sunday that he was quitting international football because of the sharp criticism he received during his meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan last May in London.

The player of Turkish origin, who is on the ball in Germany, has been accused of racism and disrespect, and the desire of some to sacrifice him as a scapegoat for the loss of German machines at the World Cup Russia 2018.

"My brother Ozil, you opened the door in your style and your artistic skill in the German national team for the players like me. Thank you for everything you provided for the German ball, you must be proud of your many achievements," said Draxler. "He said.

Ozil participated in 92 games for Germany and scored 23 goals, and was a member of the list that culminated in the 2014 World Cup, under the current coach Joachim Loew.
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