For the third time Biasa is far from Juventus for Croatia

The young Juventus striker Marco Beatsa has been sent to Schalke 04 for more minutes and a chance to invest in order to secure a place for him at the World Cup next summer.

Has earned many titles when he was a player in his country Croatia either with Lokomotiv or Dynamo Zagreb, especially with the last team that scored 28 goals and made 13 other goals during his 91 appearances with him and had not completed the 20 years and starred with his country in 2016 euros More attention is paid to young talent, especially from Italy.

Beatsa was one of the kind of players Pepe Marotta loves and wanted by Juventus coach Maximiliano Alegre. He is able to play on both sides of the playing field, either as a right or left wing, as well as being able to play as a playmaker and a second striker, giving him the necessary flexibility to transform into a technical and tactical shift.

Juventus signed for Juventus in the summer of 2016, the amount of 23 million euros made him the most expensive player in the history of the Croatian club and as usual all the new Juventus deals in the reign of Alegre began to slowly enter the squad, the first participation was on August 27 when he replaced the Argentine star Paolo Debala against Lazio.

"He is a great player but he needs to work more on his defensive abilities." Allegri's comments were on more than one occasion when he was asked about the possibility of paying Bayasa as a key in the next meetings for Juventus, where he had many chances to start as a key in some games.

But the international stoppage in October brought a bad news for the player, coach and fans of Juventus, where Biasa was injured in a friendly match for Croatia with a groin in one of his foot bones. The initial diagnosis was the absence of six weeks but what happened was that Biasa missed three full months after he was just around the corner Basic to him with Juventus.

Piesa returned in January 2017 and quickly entered Allegri's projects for the rest of the Juventus season. He took part as a substitute in the last half hour against Atlanta in the Cup and Fiorentina in the league and managed to score a goal from his side's double against Porto in the Champions League final but again came the international stop and Bayasa To participate with the Croatian national team.

For the second time, Piesa is no longer healthy, and this time the frontal cruciate ligament was the victim to the end of his first Beatsa season with Juve early.

20 goals and a single goal In the few minutes he played and came back in the last few weeks of last year he began to engage strongly with the youth team in the club to get the green light and join the training of coach Massimiliano Alegre.

Less than two months after his return to training, Juventus announced that he would loan the Croatian youngster to Schalke in order to gain confidence and more minutes to participate in order to reserve a place with his country going to Russia next summer to participate in the World Cup.

This time he will not go to the hospital but to Germany in order to play for Schalke and train with a young manager, Dominique Tadesco, who has converted his team this season and brought him back to the front again after falling back. Last few years.

With Tadicescu, Piatsa can participate more. The Italian and German national coach has come from the youth and youth training of Hoffenheim earlier. He has the ability to develop players on a personal level and his Italian origins make him a lover of the tactical commitment that Alegre wants from his young player and Schalke this season. An idea of ​​his psychic abilities in restoring confidence to players.

This time the loan is dry without the right to buy as was the case of Bayern Munich's Kingsley Koman and former Juventus, who joined the Italian team for free but quickly left on loan to the Bavarian club to stay there permanently.

The return of Beatsa and his return to his level and development will be a great pleasure for Alegre who loves him and always wins him. This time, he was inspired by a number of incentives, including a return to the Croatian team, proving his worth and confidence in coach Allegri and his desire to keep him with the Italian team.
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